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The fiber optic laser marker is the latest advancement in the laser industry for commercial marking and engraving. The quality of the working beam and its stability, combined with the reliability and trouble-free operation of laser systems, have determined the widespread use of these devices, and the high efficiency and speed of operation make the fiber coder a true industry leader.

Main types of laser markers

Fiber laser markers belong to the third generation of lasers and are the main competition for gas devices based on carbon dioxide - CO2.

The first lasers based on ruby, garnet or neodymium glass crystals had a complex and cumbersome cooling system, which made them difficult to use in the commercial marking sector.

CO2 gas engravers have become a step forward and have been widely used as markers for processing non-metal materials such as wood, plastic, leather, ceramics, glass, artificial stone, etc.

Fiber laser markers have included pure metals in the list of processed materials, which is another step forward in the development of such a direction as laser marking.

Working principle of fiber laser engraver

Fiber lasers of the third generation belong to the category of solid-state lasers and operate in the infrared range with a wavelength of about 1 micron. The generation of radiation occurs due to the diode pumping of the optical fiber, which determined the name of the laser.

A typical scheme of a laser marker consists of the laser itself and an optical-mechanical beam control system. The fiber laser itself, as the main element of the engraver, consists of several basic parts:

  • broadband LEDs acting as a pump generator provide high beam brightness and have a long working life;
  • the active medium for the pump generator is an optical fiber made of ultrapure quartz with additions of rare earth elements;
  • the optical resonator focuses the emitted light into a narrow beam and serves to correct the direction of the radiation, its spectrum and polarization.

The small size of the active part and the high energy conversion factor determined the compact design of the laser and the absence of bulky cooling systems.

Opto-mechanical beam control consists of a system of mirrors guided by high-precision servos. Such an organization makes it possible to exclude a movable coordinate table from the design of the marker, which had a positive effect on the dimensions of the device and the speed of processing materials.

Features of processing various materials

Before you buy a fiber laser engraver, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its work with various materials.

The difference between fiber markers and CO2 engravers is a significantly smaller wavelength and working spot area. This feature determines the possibility of working with all types of metals, PVC and Teflon, which are not included in the list of materials for the operation of gas lasers without special surface treatment.

On the other hand, the shift of radiation to the infrared part of the range makes it difficult for fiber markers to work with transparent acrylic products, however, opaque and colored objects made of acrylic and ABS plastic can be easily engraved.

Applications and benefits

The areas of application of fiber laser markers are extensive and varied: micro-machining and micro-milling of various materials, laser engraving on metal, applying inscriptions and graphic information, engraving telephones, keyboards and jewelry. Nameplates, key fobs, bar codes - there is no limit to the list of operations carried out by a fiber marker.

Main advantages of laser markers:

  • long service life of the device, which is more than 50,000 hours;
  • no consumables are needed to maintain a performance;
  • the possibility of drawing images on curved surfaces;
  • The high resolution of the laser makes it possible to work at the microscopic level.

Ease of use and high speed complete the list of advantages of fiber markers.


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