Computer Numerical control machines (CNC machine) installed today at almost all manufacturing companies. Ukraine chooses these machines because they greatly facilitate the technological process and improve the quality of production. MTech company makes modern CNC machines for small and large enterprises. Why choose CNC machines? This is an innovative development that combines machine tool elements and computer systems. Software, which acts as “manager” can design and implement even the most difficult products. It will take much less time to do such work with a CNC machine, rather than manual execution. With such a machine, your employees won’t have to make measurements and calculations on their own, the computer will do everything for them.

These machines are distinguished by their accuracy, ease of use and the ability to work with lots of materials and details. With the help of machines, processing is carried out, as well as milling, cutting, engraving of various products. To buy a CNC machine means - provide your production with a quality assistant. MTech specializes in the manufacturing of CNC machines of several types: Laser, Routers and Plasma. Due to their versatility, not a single production in our times works without such machines. Quite a high price for CNC machines is not a hindrance, after all, every spendings will be paid off by the A-class quality of production. On our machines it is possible to work with: glass; - wood; - metal; - stone; - rubber; - fabric; - plywood; - acrylic; - fine particle fraction (mdf) and other materials depending on the machine type you will choose. The structure of CNC machines: display, remote control, controller RAM (for short-term storage of programs), ROM (for long-term storage of system programs). Such machines are profitable in many ways. They are helping to improve production, which in turn affects the growth of profits, after all high-quality products will always be more popular with buyers. Thanks to new technologies, used for manufacturing, machines help to save energy. Also, availability of CNC machines will allow you to hire much less employees.


Carrying out commissioning works and a full course of training in the use of equipment.


Assistance in choosing a CNC machine according to your wishes and possibilities.


100% customer support in any matter, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

Benefits of buying from MTech. Our company cooperates with large enterprises and with smaller enterprises. We support our clients in everything from the beginning of cooperation to the last stage: We provide training. We organize the work of all machines and teach the terms of use, the sequence of actions on the equipment. Based on your requirements and the specifics of production, we will help you choose the most suitable machine for you. Warranty and post-warranty service is one of the service points of our company. Ukraine is distinguished by the presence of a different type of production. On our website, everyone can choose a suitable CNC machine for their company. The price set for the products includes both the cost of the machine and the work. In order to buy a machine with numerical control, you should contact our consultants using your mobile phone or e-mail. You can leave a request with your data, questions that interest you, and we will definitely call you back at any convenient time.