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The most popular in enterprises and industries related to the processing, cutting, engraving of various materials are CNC laser machines. In this section you can check various types of laser engravers that our company works with. A large assortment and the possibility of using such machines at different types of enterprises will help you choose a product that meets all your requirements.

Laser cutting. Advantages

Laser cutting machines are multifunctional. They are used for processing and engraving glass, wood, plywood, fabric (mainly leather), acrylic, rubber, and so on. Manufacturers choose CNC laser machines because of their advantages:

  • During operation, the laser does not come into contact with the workpieces, which makes it possible to use the engraver for processing fragile materials. With the laser, you no longer need to clamp the workpieces.
  • Laser engravers are one of the few that are used to work with rubber. If your product involves the presence of rubber, it is best to pay attention to this particular type of machine.
  • The speed of work is also considered one of the advantages. The machine can handle a large amount of material in a relatively short time and is ideal for the production of products with sharp corners, since it does not round them, such as a milling machine.

Business uses laser machines in various fields, from furniture making, glass cutting to souvenir products, seals and pens.

Machine format and application

The format of the laser engraver, that is, its size, determines the area in which it can be used.

There are small-format machines (working field 300x420 millimeters), medium-format (1200x1600 millimeters) and large-format (1300x2500 and 2000x3000 millimeters).

Small and medium format machines are used to work with small size products. These include the manufacture of plates, pens, souvenirs and other similar products, as well as cutting plexiglass and acrylic.

Large format CNC machines are used to work with large size products. This is the manufacture of furniture, cars, parquet, work with outdoor advertising and other large materials.

Quality from MTech

Ukraine provides laser machines in different versions, from different manufacturers and with different prices. However, before you buy a laser cutting machine, you need to make sure of its quality in order to be sure that the purchase will pay off. After all, the real cost of a laser engraver is quite high

If necessary, our employees will conduct a training course on the use of CNC laser machines. We will also provide you with qualified technical support and advice on operation.

For detailed information and clarification of questions, please contact us in a convenient way for you. You can leave a request with questions and wishes, having determined the time of the call, and we will definitely call you back.

CNC laser machines are a profitable investment in production.

Contents of delivery:

Motherboard with integrated DSP controller

Motherboards for laser cutting machines, as well as for CNC milling machines, .are manufactured by default with DSP controllers. This type of controller is ideal for performing many technical processes with one job file. Production machines without a controller work on each operation according to separate tasks (for example, a laser engraving machine can engrave or cut a selected layer of material with certain dimensions), and a DSP controller works on a task file in several layers with its own specified characteristics.

Linear rail guides

Linear rail guides are rails with a complex profile, consisting of two or four grooves. They function as raceways. This type of construction includes a set of "carriages" (linear bearings). Traditionally, rails are made of high quality stainless or chromium steel by the method of thorough grinding of the processed material from all sides. Induction hardening of the steel helps to increase its hardness. Rail threaded and smooth wall holes assist in fixing to the bed.

opt-(Large) Optics

Zinc selenide (ZnSe) lenses are another basic part of laser engravers. The material speaks of their high quality and throughput. Long-focus lenses are one of the basic components used in laser machines. They cut materials perfectly and produce high precision engraving. To make the engraving more accurate, it is recommended to use a short-focus lens (it is less convenient for cutting, which will immediately become apparent on thick materials).

podemn-(Large) Lifting table

The laser engraving machine comes on sale with a lifting table, which makes it possible to engrave large objects like boxes. You will be able to mark not only large objects, but also objects with a volumetric structure.

lameli2-(Large) Rack table

Comparing a flat table with a diamond-shaped rack table, an unambiguous conclusion suggests itself that the second significantly improves the quality of the cut. When cutting the material on the slatted table, the laser beam is once again not reflected on the material. He leaves along a tangent line, scattering in space.

It is also possible to purchase a honeycomb table for engraving thin and soft materials of high quality and accuracy.

compressor-(Large) Air supply to the cutting area

Large amounts of gaseous smoke and slag from the laser engraving machine are emitted during material processing. This, firstly, can cause a fire in the material, and also significantly reduce the quality of work. To avoid such an effect, a laser engraving machine from the manufacturer comes with a compressor. The air is directed directly into the cutting area, thus extracting gaseous waste from the production.

derj-(Large) Mount the emitter

Another advantage of laser engraving machines is the tube mount. The laser tube not only securely fixes, but also allows you to change the placement of the tube vertically. In this case, the path of the laser beam is set with maximum accuracy, thanks to the mirrors.

5000-(Large) Cooling system

Laser cutting machines are sold with chillers by default. They are part of the basic configuration and are used for pumping water through the laser tube and its further cooling with air to the required temperature. High-power chillers use freon to cool the water to a predetermined temperature, while the machine is laser (its price)

Cooling systems can be ordered additionally to the main equipment. All chillers are equipped with an electric thermometer to monitor the water temperature, the technical condition of the machine and extend the term of its operation.

Exhaust system

Centrifugal exhaust systems ("shell") - this is another element of the complete set of laser machines, characterized by high power. With the help of the system, gaseous slags are extracted, which arise at the point of cutting the material.

You can also purchase filters additionally. Their main purpose is to absorb harmful materials and particles in large volumes to obtain clean exhaust air.

Laser designator

Thanks to the laser, you can quickly determine the exact area of the laser engraver and set the correct starting point.

Collapsible frame design

For the purpose of convenient movement of the device, the laser engraver is manufactured with a collapsible frame. The machine can even be carried over an 80 cm wide door frame.

You can buy CNC woodworking laser machine from MTech. We offer fast delivery and high quality equipment. Our engravers are made to the highest quality standards and will serve you for years to come.