Our company sells spare parts for CNC machines, guaranteeing the acceptable quality of the corresponding products. We supply to the market only original components that ensure efficient operation of CNC Routers and laser equipment. At the same time, we are responsible for the functionality and reliability of the goods sold.

Parts for CNC Routers

This group of structural elements includes the following devices:

  • electric drive components for CNC machine tools. This category includes servo drives, motors, linear modules, spindles, drivers. All these products ensure the full and uninterrupted operation of the equipment in question.
  • mechanical parts. This category includes linear bearings, rail guides and special shafts. It also includes couplings, bearing arrangements, and gear elements;
  • control electronics. These are devices such as controllers, communication boards, sensors. In addition, this product category includes power supplies that are specifically designed for CNC machine tools;

It should be noted that we sell a wide variety of parts for CNC Routers. Our products allow you to effectively carry out any work related to engraving and milling of various workpieces. The main advantages of the products sold are reliability, originality and durability.

Laser parts

This group of spare parts for CNC machines includes the following elements:

  • special laser tubes of various voltages;
  • high voltage power supplies;
  • ficus lenses;
  • reflecting mirrors;
  • rotary devices;
  • vane knives;
  • active cooling systems;
  • DSP - controllers.

Along with this, we sell other components for the described equipment. All these devices are responsible for the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of the machine tools. For example, cooling systems eliminate the possibility of overheating of technological devices. These structural parts are equipped with special sensors and other electronics to monitor the workflow.

The aforementioned systems ensure timely cooling of laser tubes and other related devices. They reduce operating costs and also reduce operating noise.

Chip removal systems help clean the air in the work area. These devices are used in the processing of any materials - wood, plastic, metal. At the same time, they show high efficiency and quality of removal of the corresponding waste.

The controllers ensure precise operation of laser machines, eliminating the need for computer technology. This is great when working with small details and complex shapes.

Our advantages

We strive to satisfy all the requests and needs of our customers. We sell not only high quality and original accessories for CNC machines. We help solve production issues and optimize related work processes. Along with this, we offer our customers the following benefits:

  • wide range of. You can buy from us everything you need for the full operation of laser and milling equipment with numerical control;
  • quality assurance. Our components meet the requirements of the established standards. This is confirmed by the relevant certificates;
  • reliability. Our products are absolutely safe to use. They do not fail and help to organize the most productive production process;

Cooperating with us, the consumer always gets the expected result. Contact our company - appreciate the privileges of working with real professionals!