About us

MTech sells CNC machines that have a number of advantages in their use and save your money. When you are going to buy a CNC machine, you can be sure of its ease of use and ease of training. Machines of this type are easy to set up and help to save energy and also reduce labor costs. MTech is constantly looking for partners for long-term cooperation in the production of CNC machines, as well as organizing the supply of finished equipment from China. If you are interested, contact us in any way convenient for you, and we can discuss all the ideas and conditions of our joint work.


Our cllients:

Among our clients are furniture factories Elio and Mebli Lux, NIOS-CORP engaged in laser cutting, Valenta, a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of leather products, and a number of other enterprises.

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We do our best to fulfill the requirements of our customers, help reduce their production costs and modernize the operation of factories.

Address: Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Petropavlovskaya street 34 (the territory of the TochMash plant).


Kyiv and region

In the area of the Kyiv region, delivery is carried out by road, accompanied by a customization specialist. Installation, final tuning and starting of the machine are carried out on site.

Delivery in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the delivery of equipment is carried out by the transport company Deliveri. At the request of the client, it is possible to send a specialist to set up and train. Delivery times are announced by the contact center manager upon confirmation of the order.

Delivery abroad Ukraine

Shipping abroad is a matter of dialog between MTech and the Customers. Shipping terms: EXW, FCA, CPT, DAT, DAP, Incoterms 2020


Payment is possible both in cash and by bank transfer. In the absence of the necessary equipment in the warehouse, an advance payment will be required.

Before placing an order, carefully read the technical characteristics of the purchased equipment. Also call (098) 621 70 77 and (066) 986 49 47 , You can always be consulted by qualified specialists.


The warranty period for the supplied equipment is 12 months for all equipment except for CO2 lamps, the warranty period for which is 6 months and is calculated from the date of delivery of the equipment to the consignee's warehouse.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects found during operation.

Parts subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.

Parts subject to normal wear include: mirrors, lenses, laser tubes, hoses, bearings, drive belts, collets, spindle nuts.

The warranty period for parts subject to normal wear and tear is:

  • for laser emitters when using a water pump or a cooling system without a freon circuit is - 3 months from the date of receipt of the goods at the Buyer's warehouse (or a freight carrier in the Buyer's city),
  • for laser emitters when using the chiller CW5000, CW5200 - 6 months from the date of receipt of the goods at the warehouse of the Buyer (or the carrier in the city of the Buyer).

The supplier is in any case released from the performance of warranty obligations in the presence of any of the following circumstances:

  • Damage to equipment or parts thereof, caused by the fault of the Buyer;
  • Damage caused by moving and reinstalling equipment without the participation of the Supplier's specialists;
  • Damage caused by the intervention of unqualified personnel, incl. as a result of self-repair.

Claims for faulty consumables are accepted within 7 working days after receipt at the buyer's warehouse.

The departure of a technical specialist on the day of contact or the next day after contacting the technical support service is considered urgent and is paid according to the company's tariffs, as an "urgent departure" regardless of the service status: warranty, post-warranty. The fare of a technician is paid separately.

The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the goods, as well as ownership, passes from the supplier to the buyer from the date the equipment is handed over by the supplier to the carrier. The carrier is considered to be chosen by the buyer if the buyer has notified the supplier of his choice in writing at least 1 day before the delivery of the equipment to the warehouse of the carrier, otherwise the Buyer is deemed to agree, without any confirmation or notification, to the carrier chosen by the Supplier.

Service and diagnostics

We provide technical support for the equipment in the post-warranty period, as well as perform configuration, diagnostics and repair of CNC machines from other manufacturers at the customer's site. There is always a wide selection of accessories for CNC machines in stock.

Among our services:

  • Commissioning works;
  • Diagnostics of CNC laser / Routers machines;
  • Setting up the electronics of machine tools;
  • Replacement of machine tool components;
  • Alignment of mirrors, replacement of laser tubes;
  • Repair of equipment;
  • Restoration of CNC machines.