Flexible cable chain

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Flexible cable chain is applicable to create protection for cables for various purposes. These can be signal cables and hoses used in automation systems and software in production. There can be two types: open and closed.

Made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. This material ensures maximum safety and reliability of the structure. The main advantages of this material:

  • Strength;
  • Rigidity;
  • Does not react to chemicals;
  • Has a low coefficient of friction

A closed type has special latch keys on its surface, while an open type does not. Both the cable layer can be used in the same conditions. Both options are popular with automated systems and manufacturing plants.

You can buy a flexible cable chain directly on the website. Cable layers are available in various types and sizes. The buyer will be able to choose for himself exactly the cable channel that he needs. Buy a cable layer at a cost lower than in other online stores.