Features of wood carving with CNC machines

In this article, we will try to outline the main features of wood carving with CNC machines. Wood carving with CNC machines along with manual processing, is what gives wood products originality and elegance (at relatively low costs for production).

Depending on the machine, you can work on several zones at the same time, which will increase productivity. CNC woodworking machines can be widely used at large enterprises and individually.

To make your investment smart, it's worth to:

  1. Study the market for wood carvings and the demand for them.
  2. Determine the design of things and their variety.
  3. Find out the potential of competitive wood carving businesses.
  4. Think over your marketing strategy and define the services that will distinguish you from other manufacturers.

Wood carving on CNC machines is not only about making various souvenirs. You can produce:

  • any elements for the production of furniture;
  • interior elements;
  • parquet;
  • frames for paintings, mirrors and other décor;
  • Platbands, panels, and so on.

These were the main features of wood carving with CNC machines.

The most popular CNC machines for 3D woodworking are:

- СNC-1212 - this machine is used for 2D and 3D processing of workpieces. You will be able to produce exclusive decor elements, facades, overlays, decor for fireplaces, windows, doors, billiard rooms tables, frames for mirrors with this mashine.
- CNC-1325 - is widely used in the processing of furniture fronts and door trims. - There are 2 kinds of machines of this type - with an aluminum table and a vacuum table.
- CNC-1318 is a numerically controlled machine intended for the production of volumetric details. The working area of 1800 × 1300 is ideal for the serial furniture production.
- CNC-2030 - this type of equipment is mainly made on order. Applies for 3D woodworking, cutting large-format wood, etc.

Features of our CNC machines

1. Cast portals and frames that provide a secure fit and stability of the surface of the working area.
2. PVC backings and an aluminum table provide an excellent fixation of the processed elements.
3. The gear rack of the drive guarantees the durability of the CNC machine and its high working speed.
4. Semi-automatic lubrication facilitates maintenance and provides long-term operation of details of all equipment.
5. DSP control panel works without a computer and greatly facilitates machine operator work.

CNC machines are produced serially, or individually at your request. We will help you to choose the machine that meets your requirements and production goals. In case of need, we will make an individual machine for you which will suits the best to your requirements. Contact with us in any convenient way for you and get expert help.