Advantages of CNC Routers in woodworking

Using of manual labor is increasingly being replaced by machine work in order to save time and funds. The most optimal way to do the required work efficiently and on time is to use the CNC Routers in the production of parts, processing of profiles, Routers of large reliefs of products, and other types of work.

Carved decor by CNC machines is carried out on the following elements:

  • Details of stairs
  • Brackets
  • Moldings
  • Frames
  • Textures
  • Mascarons
  • Small capitals
  • Parts of furniture
  • Overlays and many others

Features of woodworking machines

The main components of CNC milling machines are:

  1. Caliper (front disc brake mechanism).
  2. Working table
  3. Vibration-resistant base
  4. Spindles;
  5. Cutting tool;
  6. Microprocessor for setting up programs and tasks.

Guiding elements, such as ruler or plank, are required for cutting and processing parts in different axes. They can be adjusted depending on the specified parameters of the object. Cutting is carried out by using milling heads, knives, discs and milling cutters of different types.

Some фрезерные станки are equipped with a vacuum cleaner to remove chips and dust from the desktop. Among other milling machines, CNC machines are the most cost-effective and convenient in use. All parts of the machine, if it’s necessary, can be easily replace.

Advantages of CNC milling machines:

  1. High work speed;
  2. Accurate execution of pre-programmed tasks;
  3. Material processing without the use of human resources;
  4. Automaticall speed control of work with materials;
  5. Working with three-dimensional parts;
  6. Processing of complex parts and surfaces;
  7. Short development time for a new part - about 2 days instead of the traditional month;
  8. The ability to produce limited quantities of products for a narrow sales market;
  9. The ability to digitally adjust the parameters of the part.

In our store you can choose a CNC machine for woodworking according to the requirements of your production. We offer different types of machines - from compact with a narrow specialization to large-sized multifunctional devices. All machines are under warranty service and have high speed, reliability and accuracy. If you are going to buy powerful, but yet inexpensive equipment for production, contact us for consultation and we will help you to choose machines with the most suitable functions for you.