Wood carving on CNC machines

CNC milling and engraving machines can be used in different areas of production for solving the set goals. Woodworking is one of the most common types of activities. For example, the furniture industry requires accuracy and high-quality processing, many decorative elements, as well as high quality wood carving. Using only human resources in your work won’t help you to save either time or efforts. In the production of goods, your main goals are large number of sales and meeting customer needs.

  • Wood processing;
  • Volumetric decors;
  • 3D engraving;
  • Carving

It would seem that it is impossible to replace manual labor with a machine. But milling machines significantly help to speed up the process of making wood products. They certainly require improvements with the hands of a master, but only in minor details.

Where CNC machines can be used?

CNC CNC Routers will be indispensable, when working with wood, in the manufacture of:

  • Slotted elements;
  • Decorative consoles;
  • Wooden furniture facades;
  • Wooden icons;
  • Figurate legs and other elements;
  • Frames for paintings and mirrors;
  • Overhead art cutting parts;

The work on the project begins with a sketch according to the required sizes. Then a sketch is made, then a photo and a 3D model, on the basis of which the template is made. On your choice The pattern can be applied to any surface at any scale.

Carving of a good quality on CNC machines will take a lot of time as well, but it is much faster than manual cutting or carving and the result of your work will be worthy. Woodworking on a machine will allow you to make even the most complex elements of decor a reality and do it at a high level.

We will help you to choose a CNC machine for woodworking according to your wishes. You can also order individual machines for the production of decorative elements, souvenirs, engravings, manufacture of furniture, doors, wooden stairs, frames for mirrors and paintings, pilasters and many other items from us. Equipment that we represent can be used both in serial production and for individual work, thanks to short payback period.

Wood products, like other natural materials, never go out of fashion. Use CNC machines for woodworking and get high quality results in short terms.