Laser machine MTech L1610

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Working area: 1600 х 1000 mm
Laser power 100/130/150 W
Mechanical permission: 0,01 mm
Engraving speed: up to 400mm/s


Product Description



Laser engraving machine MTech L1610 is focused on cutting and engraving sheet non-metallic materials (plastic, wood, plywood, fabric, etc.) by laser cutting. In the basic configuration, the machine is supplied with a RECI laser tube with a power of 90-180 W.

The movement of the laser head is carried out along linear rail guides Hiwin along all three axes. It adopts 57BYG 3-phase stepper motor.

Система управления построена на базе последнего поколения материнских плат Ruida RDC6445G использующей лицензионное программное обеспечение LaserCad, которое хорошо широко известно в мире и пользуется заслуженным уважением за простоту и надежностью.

The MTech L1610 laser engraver is quickly installed at the workplace and is immediately ready to work with minimal costs for its implementation and organization of production.

Application area:

  • Printing: stamps, rolls, business cards, scrapbooking;
  • Woodworking production: Montessori, ZOO accessories, souvenirs, marquetry;
  • Shoe industry: pattern making;
  • Light industry: patterns, templates, cut;
  • Leather goods: cut, patterns;
  • Packaging production: master models, packaging;
  • Decoration: decoupage, scrapbooking.

Processed materials:

  • Wood: wood, plywood, MDF, chipboard;
  • Plastics: acrylic, orglass, polystyrene, PET;
  • Fabrics: natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic, fiberglass;
  • Glass: engraving
  • Stone: engraving
  • Ceramics: engraving
  • Rubber: cutting and engraving
  • Cardboard and paper: cutting and engraving

Advantages of MTech machines over Chinese counterparts:

  • All-welded frame. Unlike Chinese machines, in most of the bent sheet metal, we use an all-welded frame, which gives additional rigidity and reliability during the operation of the machine.
  • Complete set according to your needs. We are a manufacturer of machine tools, so when ordering, you can choose components that will best meet your needs, without overpaying for unnecessary functionality.
  • Linear Guides Hiwin . One of the key factors in the smoothness, accuracy and durability of the machine is the guides used in it. Even in the simplest configuration, all MTech laser machines are equipped with original guides from the Taiwanese manufacturer Hiwin. In Chinese machines, guides and carriages of their own production are used, or cheaper analogs, which will soon require replacement.
  • High-quality components. Having experience in the production of CNC laser machines, we were able to select the most reliable and convenient components, thanks to which the machine will require a minimum of service, and work with it will be as convenient as possible.
  • The machine is completely ready for work. When you buy a machine, you get a completely finished unit with all accessories: lenses, compressor, laser tube chiller, etc.
  • Warranty, service, training. Since we assemble the machines ourselves, we fully know them from the inside and are ready to provide a full year warranty for all mechanics / electronics, except for the laser tube (6 months warranty). After delivery, we go to commissioning and training at the customer's premises, which is included in the cost of the machine. You can also always contact us about post-warranty service and ordering components.

Характеристики в базовой комплектации

Working area, mm 1600×1000
Power of laser, W Reci W2 (90-100 Вт)
Laser type: CO2 (laser tube)
Двигателя: шаговые, 3-фазные,  57HC79-5806A 5.8А 1.2° с драйверами 3DM683
Laser power adjustment: программная
Depth of cutting (acrylic), mm: 0…25
X axis structure: Направляющие Hiwin HGR15 мм/ Зубчатый ремень HTD 3M
Y-axis structure: Направляющие Hiwin HGR15 мм/ Зубчатый ремень HTD 3M
Engraving speed, mm / s: 0…600
Cutting speed, mm / s: 0…400
Positioning accuracy, mm: 0.1
Minimum letter size for engraving, mm: Cyrillic letter: 1.5 × 1.5
Mirrors, mm: 25
Lens: ZnSe ø20 f-63 (на выбор)
Control system: Ruida RDC6445G
Supported software CorelDraw, AutoCAD, LaserWork
Supported graphic formats: CDR, PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, PGN
PC operating system: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32/64)
Connection interface: USB 2.0
Cooling: freon chiller CW5200AG
Maximum material thickness, mm: 50 (регулировка фокуса) (подъемный стол как опция)
Laser tube service life, h: 10000
Power supply: 220 ±10% 50Hz
Power consumption, W: ≤1500
Machine size, mm: 2150×1550×1250
Weight, kg: ~300
Warranty, month: 12


Additional options

Лазерная трубка RECI W4 (100-130 Вт) +100$ Лазерная трубка RECI W6 (130-150 Вт) +600$
Laser pointer +80$   Электромеханический подъёмный стол +150$

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LIte, Maxima+