CNC Router MTech F1313 Pro

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Working area: 1300х1300×250 мм
Spindle power: from 3kW
Speed: up to 25 m/s
Transmission mechanism: rack gear


Product Description


MTech F1313 Pro is a high performance CNC Router with a working area of 1300x1300x250 mm.

A distinctive feature of this CNC Router machine for wood and soft metal is a toothed rack on the X and Y axes, which provides an internal speed for tables of this size. Productivity, accuracy and powerful spindle makes this CNC Router universal tools in any workshop for the manufacture of promotional items, furniture, souvenirs, etc.

In the basic configuration, the machine uses a powerful 3500W spindle, Hiwin HGR20 square guides, auto-lubrication of guides, a table for vacuum and mechanical workpiece clamping, Richauto B11 DSP console and a number of other improvements.

Features of the Pro series

Reliable construction

PRO series machines are manufactured from high-quality profile metal products up to 8 mm thick. Due to this, the frame is rigid and durable, which minimizes its deformation during operation.

Footprint processing

PRO series machines are manufactured from high-quality profile metal products up to 8 mm thick. Due to this, the frame is rigid and durable, which minimizes its deformation during operation.

High precision guides Hiwin

In the basic configuration, the PRO series are equipped with Hiwin HGR20 rail guides.

The HG series super-load profile rail guides, with four closed rows of balls, are 30% more powerful than comparable products in terms of load capacity and rigidity due to the optimized semicircular profile. The optimized design of the ball rotation mechanism gives the system a smooth ride.

Vacuum and mechanical clamping of the workpiece

In addition, the machine is equipped with a vacuum clamp of material, which is a system of pipelines, distribution valves and vacuum channels on the working surface of the table. The machine is equipped with a vacuum pump as an option. The capacity of the vacuum pump is selected by our technicians according to the requirements for the clamping force of the material. For mechanical fixation of the material on the worktable, there are grooves for the installation of clamps.

Auto-lubrication of guides (optional)

Optionally, an automatic centralized lubrication system for the guides and ball screws can be installed. It is the best solution for quick and convenient maintenance of linear bearings and ball screw nuts that require regular lubrication,


Model F1313
Base all-welded, from thick-walled pipes
Working area: 1300*1300 mm
Z axis lenght 250 mm
Spindle power 3,5 kW
Spindle speed 0-18000 rpm
Spindle cooling air / water
Collet type ER20
Maximum tool diameter 13 mm
Maximum idle speed 0-25000 mm/m
Maximum working speed 0-20000 mm/m
Guides Hiwin HGR20
Transmission type Rack gear М1,25
Limit sensors Omron
Control system Richauto B11 with external control cabinet
Positioning Accuracy ±0,05 mm
Engine stepper, 86HS118-5004A 5А 1.8°, 67 кг/с
Drivers Leadshine DMA860D
Working table Vacuum table + mechanical clamp
Software Type3, Power Mill, ArtCam
Supported file formats G-code
Processed materials Wood, plastics, soft metals, other materials
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Total power consumption up to 4kW
Size of machine 1800*2100*1700 mm
Weight ~900 kg
Complete set
  • Machine with control box
  • Suction attachment included
  • Set of 13 collets
  • Spindle nut wrench set
  • Vacuum cord
  • Instructions for the machine and CNC system
  • System for automatic alignment of the perpendicularity of the portal
  • Z-axis guards and Y-axis dust collectors
  • Tool length gauge
  • Processed seats for guides
  • Onsite commissioning and basic training
  • Cast portal struts and Z-axis
  • 1 year warranty
  • Country of origin: Ukraine

Additional options

Vacuum pump water circulation 7,5 kW +1000$ Installation of automatic lubrication of guides +400$
12804122_w640_h640_shpindel_a1010 HQD 4,4 kW spindle
air cooling
+150$ 12804122_w640_h640_shpindel_a1010 HQD 6.0 kW spindle
air cooling