CNC Router MTech F1006

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Working area: 1000х600×240 mm
Spindle power: 2,2 kW
Speed: up to 15 m/m
Moving mechanism: Ball screw


Product Description


The MTech F2115 CNC machine is designed for processing materials such as plastic, double-layer plastic, plexiglass, acrylic, wood, plates, models, prototypes, etc. Powerful spindle with a high speed of rotation up to 24000 rpm, professional software as standard, the ability Rotary axis mountings for 3.5D machining, excellent value for money.

The base and parts are made of metal, the welded structure guarantees the rigidity of the machine and the absence of vibration during power processing, which guarantees high accuracy of movement and positioning. Movement along three axes is carried out by carriages along linear rail guides Hiwin (Germany), the guides are installed on the machine bed using zero-class test rulers.

Thanks to high-precision mechanisms, it is guaranteed:

  • High ttansmission speed - up to 15 m / min.
  • Accuracy of transmission- up to 0.025 mm. (25 microns.)
  • Repeatability accuracy - up to 0.10 mm. (100 microns.)

One year of real warranty, from the date of shipment of the equipment to the Customer.


Model F1006
Dimensions of the processing zone X and Y, largest, mm 1000 x 600
Base all-welded
Spindle HQD 2.2 kW, up to 24000 rpm (air / water cooling)
Idle speed up to 15m/s
Working speed up to 10 m / min
Guides  Hiwin HGR15
Transmission type gear rack (Y, X axis)
Limit sensors  Inductive, Omron
Positioning Accuracy ±0,05 mm
Engine stepper,  86HS78-4204A 5А 1.8°
Stepper motor driver Leadshine DM556
Working table Calibrated MDF + aluminum T-slot for mechanical clamping
Supported file format G-code (.nc, .cnc, .tap, .txt)
Processed materials wood, plastics, soft metals
Voltage 220V±5%
Total power up to 3kW
Dimensions 1500*1200*1700 mm
Weight ~250 kg


Additional options

12804122_w640_h640_shpindel_a1010 Spindle 4kW +300$ 0501_foto_rich-111 DSP-controller Rich Auto A11 +200$