MTech FLA3015 Interchangeable Table Laser Machine

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Working area
3050 х 1550 мм
Laser power IPG, Raycus, TruDisk
Laser power: 1000-8000 W
Transmission speed: up to 80 m/min

Product Description

Оптоволоконный лазер MTech FLE3015

Лазерный станок по металлу MTech FLE3015 — комплект лазерной резки закрытого типа. Серия FLE — полный аналог станков лазерной резки металла MTech FL с добавлением защитного кожуха с окнами их защитного стекла.  За счет этого он полностью соответствует европейским стандартам CE и EHS.

Cutting capabilities, mm

  Power 500 W 1000 W 1500 W 2000 W 3500 W 4000 W 6000 W 8000 W
  Black steel 6 12 14 18 20 22 24 26
  Stainless steel 4 6 8 10 12 15 20 25
  Aluminum 3 4 5 6 8 12 16 20
  Non-ferrous metals 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 16


Technical parameters

Model: FLE3015
Working area 3050*1550 мм
Maximum Z Height: 90 mm
X-axis accuracy ±0.03 mm/min
Y-axis accuracy ±0.03 mm/min
Z-axis accuracy ±0.01 mm/min
X-axis repeatability  ±0.02 mm
Y-axis repeatability  ±0.02 mm
Z-axis repeatability  ±0.005 mm
Transmission speed: up to 80 m/min
Acceleration 1G
Maximum table load 2000 kg
Laser head Raytools BM111 (with autofocus) (Switzerland)
Guides Bosch Rexroth (Germany)
Servo motors Yaskawa 1,3 kW (Y-axis), 0,8 kW (X-axis), Panasonic 0,4 kW (Z-axis)
Reducers planetary, Shimpo (Japan)
Power consumption from 12 kW/h (depending on the source)
Protection degree IP54
Weight 4500 kg
Dimensions 4610*2941*2078



Unique heavy duty hybrid welded frame made from sectional struts and carbon sheet metal. More than 60% of the frame is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 12-20 mm. During the production of the frame, it is first heated to a temperature of 600°C and then gradually cooled according to a predetermined pattern for 24 hours in a cooling chamber. Further processing is carried out on a modern milling machine with a length of 6 meters. All welds are carried out exclusively in a protective atmosphere. This procedure ensures a long service life of the machine without mechanical deformations. The guarantee for the bed is 10 years.


Guides along the Y-axis are placed at an angle, according to the principle of a triangle, this solution allows you to reduce the load on the bearings and extend their life.

Quality checking

Each step of the laser machine production is carefully checked for compliance with the requirements and drawings. The use of modern measuring equipment makes it possible to achieve movement accuracy up to 0.03 mm at 3 meters.

laser interferometr



Cast aluminum portal

The 3rd generation portal made of aluminum alloy is characterized by high strength and lightweight design. High cutting speed and machine durability without deformation. 50% lighter than steel.

Laser source

It is possible to install Raycus, IPG, TruDisk sources on MTech laser machines.


A Chinese manufacturer of laser sources, often referred to as an IPG clone. It has earned worldwide recognition due to the combination of high build quality and affordable price. At a power of 500-1500 W, they are a complete analogue of IPG, while their cost is several times cheaper.


IPG are world leaders in the production of laser sources, they account for about 80% of the market. IPG lasers are renowned for their unsurpassed reliability and efficiency. Among the main advantages: perfect beam quality, high reliability, long service life exceeding 100,000 hours;


TruDisk is a powerful solid state laser from Trumpf. Indispensable where high performance must be combined with the highest quality radiation. The next generation TruDisk lasers benefit from a noticeably smaller mounting surface and improved reliability. The main feature is high resistance to back reflection. Thanks to the patented cavity design, the TruDisk laser is the best choice for processing highly reflective materials.

laser sources

Automatic laser cutting head with focus Raytools AG (Switzerland)

The BM111 series is an auto focus cutting head launched by the Swiss company RAYTOOLS AG in 2017. The product has a built-in drive mechanism through a linear drive, and the focusing lens can automatically change position in the range of 22mm. The user can set the focus continuously through the program to complete fast punching of thick sheets or other sheets of different thicknesses and materials.

The rugged and dustproof housing guarantees a long service life and can withstand machine axis accelerations of up to 4.5G, allowing for a more efficient cutting process. The high quality of the optics, strict observance of quality standards in the manufacture and installation of the system ensure optimal formation and course of the laser beam with high focus stability even at high laser radiation power. Accurate and instant control of the distance to the surface.

Bosch Rexroth Linear Guides

Bosch Rexroth is one of the best linear guides in the world, they surpass Hiwin and analogues in reliability and accuracy. Bosch Rexroth guides allow you to move the highest loads with minimal effort with high rigidity and, as a result, an accuracy that meets the requirements of users of high-performance machine tools and robots.

Main advantages:

• Super high load capacity in all four main load directions
• High moment load
• Smooth, quiet movement due to the optimal design of the recirculation system of rollers and guide elements
• Mechanical seals fitted as standard
• Optimal design of lubrication channels reduces lubricant consumption to a minimum

Yaskawa servos (Japan)

The use of Yaskawa servo drives offers precise high-speed positioning, smooth vibration-free operation and fast commissioning. The result: reduced cycle times, maximum productivity, improved product quality, increased machine wear resistance, short start-up times, low total life cycle costs.