Choosing a plasma machine

Installing a CNC plasma cutting machine is the last step in choosing equipment. To provide your production with reliable technology, you first need to take into account its needs and functions. According to them, choose a complete set of the machine and its components. When choosing, it is worth considering the volume and frequency of work to be carried out, the specifics of metals, and their sizes. With the help of a CNC plasma machine, materials are cut and processed by an air-plasma arc under the influence of electrical energy. Thin cutting is performed by heating up to 15,000-20,000 ° C. The narrow cutting width (2.5 mm) guarantees material savings as well as concentration on the cutting area. The CNC plasma machine is convenient for both mass production and individual use. As an economical and productive way of cutting metals, plasma cutting is at the same time not inferior to laser cutting and is more often used in the work of mid-level enterprises. Among the main advantages of plasma machines are the following:
1. High Performance.
2. Universality.
3. High cutting quality.
4. Fast material burning.
5. Working with various types of materials. 6. Processing objects and parts of complex shape.
7. No deformation.
The principle of operation of plasma cutting machines allows you to cut metal materials of complex configuration with excellent accuracy. Where and how to buy a CNC plasma machine. Our team is engaged not only in the delivery of serial production plasma machines, but also in the assembly of machines according to individual orders. Each company, or small production is characterized by its own characteristics, so standard machines do not always satisfy all needs. In order to combine the production functions you need in one machine, it is worth paying attention to bespoke machines. Plasma machines to order: advantages
• Exactly tailored to your production goals with maximum efficiency. At the same time, you will save not only your time, but also production resources.
• Benefit in use. To carry out several different functions, you do not have to buy several machines.
• Custom design also saves money, as two connected machines allow several times more functions with the same resources.
• Possibility of choosing the dimensions of the plasma machine for the space allocated to it in production.
• If necessary, connect additional equipment, be it a controller, compressor, and so on.
Our plasma cutting machines already work effectively in large and small enterprises engaged in various types of activities. We supply plasma machines directly from manufacturers and official distributors without overpricing. Not only legal entities, but also individuals can purchase the necessary equipment with free installation and configuration. You can buy plasma machines from us at competitive prices that meet the requirements of your production. Our consultants will select the equipment in order to fulfill the company's tasks as efficiently as possible. Contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will help you to purchase a high quality machine.