Features of CNC Routers

ml-1325-logo-wm2In CNC Routers, a self-tuning function is initially implied. According to the original program, the machine starts with the processing of the first part. It is measured, and the results are applied in the process of correcting the second part, which is processed according to an already debugged algorithm. The action is repeated until a part of the required size, shape and configuration is made, and only after that work on serial production begins.

The program also allows you to work with a group of CNC machines and centrally manage them. The equipment is used for technological processes of varying complexity.

The use of CNC Routers is very important in small-scale production, since the technological capabilities of the equipment help to carry out work on different projects in different coordinates. Two-axis machines, for example, are used for the contouring of flat objects using transverse and longitudinal feed. 2.5-coordinate system will help in the processing of complex parts with internal sampling, contours, etc. Three-axis machines perfectly cope with details of complex spatial shape. Multi-axis machines are optimal for working in space, as they allow you to tilt parts in 2 mutually perpendicular planes.

The most used CNC Router is the F3131 Pro , equipped with a stepper motor program. It allows you to work with complex-shaped parts made of light alloys and steel.

The main advantages of CNC Routers:

  • Saving human resources and production space
  • A CNC Router can replace from several to ten conventional machines without affecting the quality of work.
  • Significant increase in labor productivity.
  • Reducing the cost of producing the necessary parts.

The using of CNC Routers will allow in the future to completely replace manual labor in production, even the assembly of complex structures and testing of products according to specified programs. If you doubt the advisability of using CNC machines in your production, here are a few points to pay attention to:

  • Machines are good at working on simple parts that can become part of a kinematic chain, or abutting parts.
  • Effectively work on CNC machines on the details of their profile.
  • Labor productivity increases by 50% when working on machines controlled by a computer.
  • The machine can be customized according to the requirements of your production. After a detailed technical and economic analysis, the optimal version of the machine is manufactured with an assessment of the rate of production of parts and the complexity of the program.

We are engaged in the assembly of individual CNC machines, as well as the supply of machines from leading manufacturers. Turning to us for help, you will not only receive a professional machine that will meet the requirements of your production, but also assistance in setting up, as well as guaranteed service.