How to choose a CNC Router

фрезерный станок чпуCNC Routers machines widely used in industry for milling the surfaces of brackets, covers, cams, strips, body parts of various shapes and angles and other parts.

Large selection of milling machine designs dictated by the need to process parts with wide variety of configurations, using different tools:

  • Shaped routers;
  • Countersinks;
  • Cylindrical cutters;
  • Boring cutters;
  • End mills;
  • Sweep, etc

The impact on the material to be processed is carried out with great force by the wedge of the cutter. The design of the entire machine must be aimed at the most accurate implementation of the goals.

CNC Routers have high precision and processing speed of materials and items of any complexity. To achieve these results, it’s worth to pay attention on high body rigidity and vertical spindle machines. High-quality work on machines of this type is ensured by mobility: either spindle with a cutter, or a movable desktop with a workpiece, or two options at the same time.

The desktop uses for the workpieces that are processed. Size of this surfaces determine the machine’s ability to work with objects and details of different dimensions. The bigger the working area of the machine, the more versatile it is considered. There are also special series of machines with increased load-bearing capacity of desktops. For example, for processing stones or other bulky items. Choosing a milling machine of this type, it’s worth paying attention to the reliable fastening of the workpiece - otherwise, there is no need to talk about the sufficient force of impact of the cutter, and the and processing capabilities.

We would also like to draw your attention to a cover of a CNC routers. There should be no dents or abrasions. Since the workpieces are attached to the table, the quality of its surface plays an important role. Goodquality milling machines don’t deform in the process of working with any materials.

Keep in mind the main standards for a good table surface:

  • Rigidity;
  • Strength;
  • Accuracy;
  • Wear resistance.

Additional installations of CNC routers

  • The "sacrificial table" is a plane that is additionally attached on the table of milling machine and protects it from damage. After wear and taer, the surface can be replaced with another one.
  • Vacuum table. Device of this type is used for secure fastening of processed items. They are custom designed for specific sizes.

The use of CNC machines is a cost-effective solution for your enterprise, which will help to increase profits and will reduce the cost of human resources. You can bet on the development of your business today by ordering milling machines or any other numerically controlled equipment from us. Allocating money for purchasing machine, you will appreciate its indispensability in production.

Contact our consultants for help, and we will be happy to help you with the choosing of necessary equipment, that meets your expectations and requests.